Game: Throw the Boomerang - Traditional Name is Bubberah (this means come back)

A game about come-back boomerang throwing. The boomerang which returns closest wins.

History and Country: Historical traces of boomerangs have been found throughout the world however most people relate them to Australia and the Indigenous Aboriginals. A boomerang is a curved piece of wood used as a weapon and for sport. Boomerangs come in many shapes and sizes depending on the tribal origins and intended function. The Aboriginals would often paint on their boomerangs something about their tribe.
Boomerang and Culture: Boomerangs can be used as hunting weapons, musical instruments, battle clubs, fire-starters and as recreational play toys. Aboriginal children would start using them to play with and this would help them when they grew old enough to hunt. The boomerang was an important part of their everyday life as it was used to kill animals for food and clothing and also used in ceremonies.

Modern Boomerangs
Modern Boomerangs
Modern Boomerang Stylesr

Traditional Boomerangs
Traditional Boomerangs
Traditional Boomerang Styles

How to Play

The only equipment you need is a boomerang. I couldn’t get the traditional type so we will do what we can with modern ones.

The only equipment you need is a boomerang. Time needed for activity: approximately 10-15 minutes for the whole class.
We will need to decide which direction the wind is blowing. For the best angle your boomerang should face the wind between 45° and 90° to the right or left of the wind in direct relation to the throwing hand.


Each person has a chance to throw one boomerang, once you have thrown the boomerang you must stay in the same spot. The boomerang that returns closest to the thrower is the winner. To catch the boomerang is even better but you can’t move out of your spot for a catch. The best way to catch a boomerang is between flat hands, if you try to catch with one hand you can hurt your fingers

Launch Angle

The Boomerang should be nearly vertical when releasing. Increasing the tilt angle makes it fly higher and land further back. Holding the boomerang more vertically will make it fly lower to the ground and land more forward. NEVER hold the boomerang horizontally flat like a frisbee. This will cause the boomerang to fly in dangerous swooping and diving flights

The pinch grip

The pinch grip gives the thrower more spin and control of the boomerang. To use the pinch grip place the boomerang between your thumb and your forefinger, with the thumb on the curved surface of the boomerang. Bring the boomerang back towards the wrist at a 45 to 50 degree angle. Pinch the boomerang tightly relax your wrist bring it back and slightly bend it to achieve a better spin when throwing the extra spin will help your boomerang to return.
When throwing hold the convex end behind your head and release it in a sweeping over the shoulder motion with a twist of the wrist before releasing it at your eye-height. This is part of the trick of making the boomerang return to the thrower.