Multi Cultural Games Activity

Name: Shane T. Period : 2 Teacher: Mr. Dyke

Name of Game: Capture The Flag

History and Country: The United States…

A long time ago wherever your country’s flag was, it was your countries territory. So in the Civil War the Americans would attempt to capture the other country’s flag and protect their own flag. When someone “captured the flag” they also claimed that area of the land.

How does this activity relate to the Culture of the country? During the Civil War, more than a third of the 1,520 Medals of Honor awarded went to soldiers for either capturing the enemy’s flag, or for saving their own flag. That is because capturing the enemy’s flag was just like capturing an entire enemy unit, and saving your own flag was like saving your entire unit.

Diagram or Picture of Game:


How to Play

Equipment needed: 2 flags, 8 cones

Time needed for activity: 15 minutes

Rules/Instructions: Two even, teams two flags. The flags are on two different sides of the field and the people will try to get the opponents flags without getting tagged, and then try to make it to their half of the field with the opponents flag. If they get tagged they go into the jail box. To free one person from jail, you have to tag the person in jail. Each team can have two jail watchers. Each team can have one defender, but they can’t go into the circle. If the opponents get into the circle, they can have a ten second break.


I think that we did a good job teaching the game. I was not very nervous teaching the game. It was pretty easy to teach it. From what I saw, everyone was participating the game, so probably everyone liked it. If we could fix anything, I would make sure that my team and I had known what we were supposed to say earlier, so that we could have practiced the lines at home.

One reason I liked this unit was because I learned a lot about the history of capture the flag. At first I didn’t know the history of capture the flag at all, now I know that in the civil war the Americans would attempt to capture the other country’s flag. Another reason I liked this unit so much was because of all the new games. I learned and played a lot of new games that I had never even heard of. For example Roni’s game, three sticks. I had never heard of it before this unit but it was a very fun game. I learned that it was invented my children in Israel so that they could play a game when they got bored. This unit was very fun and educational. I really hope we do it again next year.