By: Max
1 legged rabbit
1 legged rabbit

Country Originated: Thailand

Name of the game: Kratai Kha Diew (it means one legged rabbit in Thai language)

History and country: Kratai Kha Diew is a game from thailand that was made for little children to do something in their spare time and is a game similar to the game of Tag.

How does this activity relate to the Culture of the country? In thailand, who ever was rich was extremely rich and whoever was poor was very poor so this game probably was made by farmers and little kids who wanted to do something in their spare time.

How to Play: The rabbits, who are hopping on one leg, must hop after the players and tag them to make them a rabbit instead of them. The last people who are the rabbits when the time runs out will lose.

Equipment needed: 1. Cones to make the boundaries 2. As many people as you want

Time needed for activity: As long as your want

Rules/Instructions: The rabbits are marked by wearing be carrying cloths or wearing bibs. The people who are the rabbits must tag the other players while hopping on one leg at all times. No one can cross the boundaries. The game will start off with two rabbits. But the number of rabbits will increase as the game processes (In my class, the referies added the rabbits by becoming the extra rabbits until they tag someone. The referies will then become another rabbit and tag someone else and … the same process goes on for a while). The limit for the number of rabbits shouldn’t be any more than 2/3 of the number of players. So if you have 10 people playing the game, you should have a limit of 6 rabbits.

Reflection When Mr. Vaughn and Mr. Dyke first announced the “Multicultural game” Unit, I was stressed: finding a game and writing about it last year was bad enough! Now, I also had to make a movie, and post the writing and the movie in my blog!!! All of that seemed a bit overloaded to me. But finding the game that I want to play was easier than I thought. The research didn’t take any more than 20 minutes (Although I didn’t fully decided to choose Kratai Kha Diew until the day after I found the game). I didn’t fully support the game because I thought my teammates would find some other games that would be better than Kratai Kha Diew. It was a bit surprising to find out that my teammates, Mac and Yoyo, didn’t find any games to share. So they went with Kratai Kha Diew. Even after the success of finding a game, I was still stressed about the movie part. At that time, I was starting to think that the part about making a movie about the game was a joke because, from my experience in Visual Productions, a proper 2-minute movie would take about 3 weeks to make! Which is about 2 weeks (7 -8 hours) to film and 1 week (3-4 hours) to edit. I didn’t fully believe that my team would have to make a movie until after the success of running the game.
Running the game wasn’t too hard. There were hardly any misunderstandings. Although my teammates had to change the rules a bit after a tiny problem in the first game, the presentation was really good. I was feeling pretty good at that time until I heard that the movie idea was actually real! Problems started brewing since the beginning when I didn’t bring a CD case and nearly broke the CD that Mr. Vaughn lended to me. What really stressed me out when I was doing the movie was that I had to do the entire movie all by myself!! There was no “save project as” option. I could only edit the movie on my computer so I was the only editor. After I finished the movie, I felt really proud with myself and I hope to get a good grade.

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