Pla Pen Pla Tai (ปลาเป็นปลาตาย)
By Mii

Country of the game: Thailand

History: No history
This activity shows that long time ago Thai families live together as a group. The kids are all friends and play together (in the evening).
How To Play:
Equipment Needed:
  • Handkerchief
  • 4 or more people

Time Needed for Activity: No time limit

The goal in this game is to find a person that is hiding. First, we pick the person that will be the fish (ปลา). Then that person picks whether he/she wants to play alive fish (ปลาเป็น) or dead fish (ปลาตาย).


ปลาเป็น is when the other players are allowed to move around.
ปลาตาย is when the other players aren't allowed to move around.

  1. Find a person that wants to be it (the fish)
  2. The 'fish' ( person whose it) will cover their eyes with the handkerchief so that he/she can't see.
  3. He/she will spin his/herself around while counting to 10.
  4. The other players will go find a place to hide as he/she is counting
  5. When the person stops spinning, he/she well need to try to find another player that is hiding
  6. Then when he/she finds another person, he/she needs to guess who that person is.
  7. If that person guess wrong then he/she is still a fish, if they guess right then the person that is hiding becomes the fish.
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I think I did a good job explaining it because most of my classmates understood how to play after I told the instructions. Watching my classmates play were very funny. Some people didn’t really follow the rules and played the way the game was suppose to be played, but it was interesting to see what they did.