Name of Game: Salta el Rio.

Student name: Javi Teacher: Mr.Dyke

History and Country: This game is from Honduras and it originated from a city called Choluteca. It is practically it like it sounds. Kids are poor over in Honduras so they had to find a way to entertain themselves. So they would go to a small part of a river and jump over it. If they made it they would move on downstream where the river got wider and they would jump that and whoever made it would move on. So it went on like this.
How does this activity relate to the Culture of the country? Over in Honduras people are sort of poor s they can’t afford toys are game consoles and stuff like that so they had to come up with their own entertainment.

Rules :
  1. Get two ropes and put them on the ground
  2. Make kids jump over them and each round of kids make the ropes wider apart
  3. If you don't make the jump you have to sit out

My reflection:My multicultural game I thought was pretty good. It is called "Salta El Rio." I could have improved the way i handled it though. I also could have improved the starting of the game, it was way to easy. Although I did like the things that people said about my game. A lot of people liked what my game was and said that it was fun. Even the teachers complemented me on my game. Although it is a simple game it is fun. the most important part for me is that the people that played it enjoyed it. That is what my multicultural game was.