Sick, Dying, Dead- Israeli Game... :)

The Rules:

Hi! I'm Shira and I come from Israel.
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I chose the game: Sick, Dying, Dead from Israel.

I chose this game because this game goes many years back- even when my parents were children, and even now everyone loves it very much in Israel. I used to play this game a lot in Israel, and it involves thinking fast, and your strategies of staying “alive”. For this game all you need is a ball (not a basketball, because it will hurt in the game) and many people in a circle.

The directions for this game are pretty simple.

  • Every kid in the circle is healthy and alive, which means both feet on the ground and standing up straight

  • Kids pass the ball to each other, meaning to hit the receiver of the ball without him catching it.

  • If the ball does hit the receiver, he is sick. Which means continuing the game with only one foot on the ground.

  • The player can switch feet when it is not his turn.*

  • If the player gets hit again he is dying, and he can sit on the ground and continue playing.

  • If you get hit the third time you are dead- which means you need to lie on the ground (it is easier to hit you).

  • Getting hit the fourth time gets you out of the game.

  • If you receive the ball but catch it- the game goes on. If there are many kids in a circle, you can split up so the game will end faster.

The Video:

My Reflection:

My presenting went well. All the kids had fun playing the game and I enjoyed teaching it as well. But there are some things I would change about my presentation; I would talk more about the history of the game. On the day when I taught the game I haven’t spoken enough about its history. I would also play the game with hurting the legs from the beginning. When we all played the game it wasn’t very fun because we weren’t allowed to hit the legs, but then I have changed it in the middle so the game got very fun. I would play the game with the legs from the beginning if I could. Another good idea was to switch places in the circle many times in the game, because you can’t hit your neighbors and with changing the places everyone could be many people’s neighbor. I loved playing all games that were taught, there were hardly any of them that I didn’t enjoy playing. I loved having the opportunity to learn games from different cultures and learn about many different countries from my friends.