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Country Originated: Israel

Name of Teacher: Mr. Dyke

Equipment Needed: Three sticks about 12 inches long.


  1. Place three sticks on the ground, an equal and small distance away from each other
  2. Jump in the spaces between the sticks without touching the sticks or jumping in the same space twice
  3. Once you succeed, space the sticks farther away from each other, creating a bigger space between them.
  4. Keep repeating these rules until you don't feel like playing anymore.

History: This game was invented by children a long time ago; when there weren't any TVs or computers and kids spend most of their time playing outside with their friends. It was invented when my grandparents were kids and is still played today. It is very fun and I like it a lot.

Reflection: I think I did a pretty good job teaching this game to my classmates. I was a little nervous that I would forget to tell my classmates an important rule of the game or that maybe my classmates won't enjoy the game. However, I think they really enjoyed it. Next time I present something to the class I should speak in a louder voice and practice at home a couple of times before I say it in front of my class. Also, I should be more confident. I had a lot of fun during this unit because I got to learn a lot of new and creative games from other countries. It was interesting how some of the games were so completely different from each other but some were a little similar. It was also very fascinating how the games that my classmates presented related to their country's history. I had a really great time presenting my game and learning other games. Plus, I learned a lot about other countries, too.