We all come from different countries and backgrounds. Attending an international school, we want to celebrate our differences and uniqueness. You will share/teach a game from your culture. This can be a physical activity/game or dance; but it may not be a sport since a sport takes a long time to teach. You will only have a total of 15 minutes. Two games will be played at the same time and the class will be divided in half. The groups will swap halfway through to play both games. You can work in a group if from the same country or teach the game yourself.
You must hand in a paper copy of your game with the following info.:

  • Name of teacher(s)
  • Equipment needed:
  • Name of game
  • Country Originated
  • Introduction and history of the game:
  • Rules:
  • Diagram the set up or attach a picture.

When you teach you are in control. BE READY!! Once you change for PE get your equipment and set up, don’t wait to be told. When you have your group for 15 minutes be organized. Do it similar to this:
  1. Sit the class down in a circle near you
  2. Let them be quiet before starting
  3. Introduce Name of Game & Country
  4. The history of the game is …
  5. Explain the rules.
  6. Give a demonstration
  7. Ask for questions then start activity

Assessment 100 points total
Lesson plan 25 pts
· One page handout
· Follow sample plan provided

Activity Presentation 25 pts
· Voice is clear and loud
· Directions are clear
· Students are sitting close to teacher and able to hear
· Demonstration
· Activity includes everyone
· Prepared and ready to go

Blog 25 pts
· Neat in appearance and attractive
· Provide same details as 1 page hand out.
· Also add your edited video of lesson

Reflection: 25 pts
· Reflect on your teaching of this game.
· What went well and what could you improve?
· What have you learned from this unit?

Here is another link to this unit as a unit plan overview. Enjoy!