Multicultural Games... YANG (Thailand)
A challenging game that requires a whole lot of jumping skills. A game that you can play with all your friends, no matter how many you have… A game that will keep you busy for hours. A game that has almost no expenses whatsoever, but is still really fun. One that your parents will encourage you to play instead of counterstrike and facebook. This game is a Thai game called เล่นยาง/กระโดดยาง [len yang/gra dod yang.]

Cartoon of kids playing yang
Cartoon of kids playing yang

Country: Thailand

History: This Thai style rubber band game or เล่นยาง/กระโดดยาง [len yang/gra dod yang] is a game played by Thai children in Thai schools. This was a really common game in the previous generations, and is still played now. One reason why this game is so popular in Thai schools and in the rural parts of Thailand is because it is a very cheap game. All you need is rubber bands. Because in the previous generations Thai people are not rich, this is a game that hardly uses any money at all and because rubber bands are easily found, everyone can afford to play this game. This game is a really smart invention; it keeps kids busy, allowing the adults to work. There is more than one way of Thai style rubber band game, days of the week, single line, house, 7 colors, jumping rope, etc. Thgame can help you improve your jumping skills and develop coordination.


Number of People needed: 3 or more

Required Equipment + Construction: The only thing you need is rubber bands. You make a chain out of rubber bands about the height of a door.

Rules [single line
The game starts with two people holding different ends of the chain and standing opposite of each other. Then one at a time, each player jumps across the chain and try to land on the other side. You can touch the chain, but cannot land on it [step on it]. If they succeed, then the chain level is raised. As the game continues the level of the chain gets higher and higher. You take turns once one fails, and whoever finishes all the levels win. The levels are ankle, knee, below the butt, waist, chest, neck, under-ear, above-ear, head and raise, though raise is optional. You can somersault over the chain in the above-ear level or higher, however from ankle to the under-ear you must jump. You cannot touch the chain in the ankle and knee level, and sometimes the below the butt level as well.

What are you waiting for?? You know the rules! GO PLAYYY !! :]

When we taught this game in our PE class...

And this is what happened... (above)

When we taught this to the class... I think we did good with the explaining and demonstrating part, for both the history and the rules of the game. However at the start of the game it wasn’t really good. People were jumping all over and fooling around, and they didn’t get the fact that we could TOUCH the rubber band (they were trying to jump "high jump" way), we emphasized that and after a while, people started to get it, and they could jump over the rubber band. I think we can improve by forming a line, so that people can take turns jumping and not “disturb” others by making the rubberband chain shake when they are walking over the chain or testing their jump. A piece of advice... Speak loudly, emphasize the fact that you can touch the yang, let people jump over in an orderly way and make sure people get what you're saying.


-Val, Aim and Paan